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Odom laboratory

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Current (11/2013)


April 2013: Pictured (t-b, l-r):Margus Lukk, Duncan Odom, Tim Rayner, Christine Feig, Claudia Kutter, Michelle Ward, Sarah Aldridge, Bianca Schmitt, Diego Villar, Frances Connor

December 2012: Pictured (l-r):Aileen Marshall, Diego Villar, Klara Stefflova, Bianca Schmitt, Margus Lukk, Sarah Aldridge, Tim Rayner, Frances Connor, Stephen Watt, Michelle Ward, Claudia Kutter, Christine Feig, Duncan Odom

April 2011: Pictured (l-r):Stephen Watt, Margus Lukk, Mike Wilson, Bianca Schmitt, Klara Stefflova, Duncan Odom, Dominic Schmidt, Claudia Kutter, Michelle Ward, Aileen Marshall, Sarah Leigh Brown

May 2010: Pictured (l-r):Gord Brown, Duncan Odom, Michelle Ward, Stephen Watt, Caryn Ross-Innes, Klara Stefflova, Claudia Kutter, Sarah Leigh Brown, Francesco Marass, Michael Wilson, Aileen Marshall, Dominic Schmidt

January 2009: Pictured (l-r):Gord Brown, Sarah Leigh-Brown, Claudia Kutter, Elisabete Nascimento, Caryn Ross-Innes, Mike Wilson, Duncan Odom, Dominic Schmidt

November 2007: Pictured (l-r): Mike Wilson, Caryn Ross-Innes, Sarah Leigh-Brown, Claudia Kutter, Duncan Odom, Dominic Schmidt

August 2006: Pictured (l-r): William Gordon, Elizabeth Jacobsen, Alison Takemura, Caitlin Conboy, Duncan Odom